Rhode Island Throwers?


Where you guys at?? I’m in Warwick but I don’t know anyone close that throws ???


Sometimes I’m down in that area.


rhode island area or warwick?


Both RI is not that big lol.


True lol


Know I’m a little way from you but I started a club in Manchester, NH. Probably about 1 hour and 40 min drive I can keep you informed if your intrested. Like I said I’m down your way pretty often though if your going to put something together let me know. I would stop by to throw with you and whoever else comes.


I could make it too…I’m in M.A. It was nice meeting you by the way…and thanks again!


I’m not sure I could start something and keep it a regular schedule I’m busy at random times but I might be able to go out of my way to NH every once and awhile.


Sweet. I’ll keep you informed. Second meet up is today. Watch our thread on here going to start a Facebook page and will post the link on that soon.

NH yoyo club
Live free and throw!!


Monthl Rhode Island yoyo club this sunday! Can anybody on this thread make it?


We have a club in RI that meets the first sunday of every month at POW! Science on Wayland Square from 3:15 - 5:00. PM me if you have any questions!


Nope :frowning: Maybe next time