Any Throwers In RI?

Hey guys I’ve been lonely lately because I havent been to any yoyo clubs… Are there any Throwers in RI? I’m looking for a club or a group of people that meet up in like providence.

There is a RI state yoyo contest, and also a club. The thread for the club is here:

Also, Graeme Steller made this video in Providence. Just felt like putting that out there.!

Thanks, do you know when the RI states is? Is there like a link to it or a website?

Here’s the website, but there’s no announcement about the contest for 2013 yet.

RI States was so much fun last year.  ;D

I’ll make sure to be there this year!

Yes RI states was awesome last year for sure!!!

We’re pretty scattered! I’m in Warwick, there’s a couple in Barrington which is where states will be when it happens (no word yet though). And I think there may be some in Providence. As far as I know I’m the only Warwick yoyoer :confused:

Yeah I don’t like that because everyone is scattered, like I live in EP but everyone else lives far from me so I can’t meet anyone to throw with, maybe learn a few things, but I can’t drive a car. Ya know,