Rewind Tutorial

I noticed that in the Rewind Tutorial, Andre shows it first and does it one way, but then he teaches it a different way. ???

We’re working on redoing all the tutorials at the moment. They’ll be much better quality and any errors should be fixed.

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^ Will more tricks be added?

Redoing the same tutorials to start, but we have some big plans for more tutorials in the future!

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Glad to hear more is on the way, I think you guys did a great job doing the pre-existing Tutorials. Maybe leave them up, as well…On each Trick’s Page, paste the New Video above the Old Video. That is obviously your guys decision whether to do that or not but, I can say that the YoYoExpert Trick Tutorials that are there, I reference them quite a bit now.

The new tutorials are going to be much better, once you see them you won’t miss the old ones!

But imagine a special call-to-action button with retro lettering and stuff: “See Classic Tutorial” or whatever. Could be fun(ny).

I don’t doubt you guys’ tutorial skills, but maybe if you leave the old one there will be more depth and perspective in case they couldn’t figure out the first tutorial.

I know that it DEFINITELY helps me when I can’t figure out a trick to go on some other tutorial to look for different camera angles, POVs, perspectives, explanations.

Unless those new tutorials already have those down pat, which in that case my hat’s off to you!

I agree!


I can’t wait to see how these turn out

We will keep the old tutorials still linked as ‘throwback/retro’ versions. :slight_smile:

We are super pumped for the new ones (all the classic tricks and then we are going to slowly start working our way through new stuff!) Really excited to show you guys soon.

Is there a quantitative definition of “soon”? :wink:

Yes, as in “Real soon now.” :slight_smile:

“How soon is soon?” you may ask? “Sooner than not for awhile”

It takes time to edit tutorials, especially when you have multiple camera angles, slowmo, etc. The old tutorials were all shot in a matter of days and not edited too much, we’re doing it right this time. The end result will be worth the wait!

Sweet I’ve already gotten passed the YYE tutorials as far as the yoyo learning curve but I’m still excited to see how the new ones look. It will be great for beginners