Rewand9's Videos NEW HD!!!

It has been about three months since i recieved my Duncan Throwmonkey as a present for my birthday. Since then I have progressed and learned more tricks. I’m getting better everyday and looking back on the video I know I was bad back then (2 weeks ago).
This was a filmmaking project that I made in my filmmaking class. It turned out ok. I want to thank everyone who has supported me on YYN or yoyoexpert. As well as my friends who call me a nerd and yell at me when I start to yoyo. In the video I am using my plastic grind machine.
So I guess this is my video thread. Just got a vimeo account cause of youtubes audio stuff. Ya sorta forgot about that. anyways…

I have no idea why its in slow motion cause I didn’t mean it to be that way.

Vimeo has the song I wanted to use in the first place.

Nice videos, keep it up.
This reminds me of , well, me! When I brought my Plastic Grind Machine aroung everywhere, I still love my Plastic Grind Machine.


New Vid

Made the Jump to HD!