First Video

(rewand0) #1

This was form April 4th. Since then I have gotten better and yesterday I ordered a Plastic Grind Machine. I hope to advance with that yo-yo. I can bind but most of the time I don’t need to. Any feedback is greatly accepted. Thanks.


Nice job! Your doing great! Keep it up! :wink:


That’s good work! I tried playing with the counterweight, and it ended up flying all over the place.



nice vid

(Jei Cheetah) #5

Good job! You seem to be coming along just fine.

Nice that you are taking up 5A as well.

I really like your mach 5, Very smooth and slow, I like it.

Keep it up!
I see you got potential to be an amazing player!



(Mark) #6

Great job on the Vid!. I can’t wait to see another from you. Maybe showing off that PGM you are getting eh?


Pretty good :D, just keep it up

and you might soon be better than all of us in this forum

just keep practicing

and dont forget to have fun ;D