Revolutions with a kickside.

Hi. I just got around to learning revolutions, and it’s really a cool trick. But I have a question. I can only pull off around 4-5 revolutions with my stock kickside (thin lubed). Does this just mean i need to practice more to get string centered, or will I eventually need a yoyo that spins longer to keep it going? I’m only looking for around 9-10 spins before dismount, so I’m leaning towards the need to keep string centered option. You’r opinions are apreciated!

EDIT, I am getting the general motion, so it’s not that aspect of the trick.

Just practice your throw.

My Kickside can do anything I throw at it.

But I feel Revolutions or so is about the place to upgrade.

I recomend the Legacy if you can bind.

So legacy is dramatically better than kickside?

I think so.

In my opinion it also pwns the heck out of most Metal rimmed YYJs (exept the
Atmosphere, New Breed, and Night Moves)

thanks, ill see if anyone i know ahs one.

Don’t think that having a different yoyo that is “better” will make you super better. You should be able to stick with that kickside for a long time if you wanted.

Don’t worry, I will most likely buy another plastic yoyo when my kickside gives out from the strain of being the only yoyo I use :P. I was just wondering if using a yoyo with longer spin times would make revolutions last significantly longer.

its not always about the yoyo its about the person behind it but i admit you do not get alot of spin time out of kickside i would recomend the legacy but a better yoyo wont make you better but you ma be able to improve more on a better yoyo if that makes since and i would take a legacy over a kickside anyday.

Ok. I may just go for like an atmosphere (typo?) When i upgrade, but then again, I may not… 8)