Revolutions: Need Dismount Help

Hey guys, I learned revolutions a while back but am still having trouble getting it back into one in a half mount. Any advise??

Just really try getting your finger into that loop when its on the inside of your arm, on its way to the outside. Check out this thread, the two videos are really helpful:,7303.msg81815.html#msg81815

If you keep missing the loop, I would suggest to try learning the trapeze and bro slack. It’s very similar. Also, make sure you have good tension. I was going to say one more thing but I forgot, so I might edit this post later. :stuck_out_tongue:

Try to anticipate where the loop is going to be.

Another key is to not slow down when you’re going to catch it; try to keep a steady tempo.

make sure the sring tension is good so there is loop to put finger in

here is a tutorial made by me

just have to get your finger ready to stick in the loop but mostly just have to keep trying until you get it.

Peacockyoyo, please check the date of the last post before you post. This was over a months old, and the information you gave was already there. Thanks.