Revisiting Responsive - any advanced tricks worth learning?


Decided to revisit some responsive yoyoing (had dusted off my hardly-been-played Duncan Metal Racer) to freshen things up a bit and smooth out some of my yoyo play. I was wondering if there’s anything worth learning that we hadn’t when we first started using responsive. So far the most “impressive” responsive trick I know is the basic Stop and Go from way back when as well as basic regenerations. Are there any other fancy stop and go type tricks or other “more difficult” responsive tricks to pick up?


You can look at the " fixed Friday " posts on and also lots of the stuff ed did when he was contributing to . That will cover tons of very advanced newer style fixed axle play. There are also the classic tricks, you can check out Dennis McBride’s YouTube channel.


Of course lots a good stuff here:

And I compiled this:,92392.0.html

Those and Kevin’s could keep you busy for a lifetime!

This is great!

I think that’s Jensen Kimmit rapping!


Depending on the level of responsiveness in the yoyo, you could try chaining all the basic looping tricks together going up, then back down (inside/outside loops, hop the fence, punching bags, fountain, walk the dog, shoot the moon, clover, etc.). I have always wanted to do that, but it is super hard. The “wrap” tricks look difficult. Also, there is a stop and go gt, which is 1a, but could probably be transformed to responsive. Hope that helps.



Looping tricks on the Metal Racer might be a real challenge!

However, the idea of doing strings tricks is a good one. Really, you should be able to do a lot of them, and you can chain them together with regens, switching front to side and back perhaps. It can be difficult to break the bind habit, though.

Especially with front style, you can do a high percentage of the known elements, and it’s quite satisfying to finish of front style comos/tricks with a nice single loop at the end instead of a bind!


Go to the Fixed Tutorials here that Ed did.
You’ll be surprised how you can work that stuff into even unresponsive play.

Plus it will help you in all areas of yoyoing.