Reviews on momma kendama?

Hey guys, does anybody have comments or reviews on mamma kendama?

I have heard that they are not that good, a bit of a knock-off. However I haven’t tried one myself, so I guess if you want to try it out you can, besides you won’t lose much maybe 30$ at the most. ::slight_smile:

Well I was just seeing cause I was maybe gonna get one of there “Factory blemishes” kendamas and do a custom on it and I just wasn’t sure if the kendama was good enough. Thanks for your input. Really appreciated

hey, just some info for people unfamiliar with kendama brands…
Momma kendama is NOT a respected brand by ANY good kendama player.
it will do fine for learning you beginner basics, but anything past that you need good balance and high quality.

Stick to brands like Ozora, TK16, Krom, KendamaCo, and Sweets.
KendamaUSA is one of the most respected companies in the US based on the push and movement they give kendama, however there kendama (the tribute) is not exactly what people consider great for anything past beginner level.

Ozora(most players favorite), & TK16 are the main JKA Approved Classics that are known for there high quality, consistency, and strict regulations for weight, balance and paint.
Krom, KendamaCo, and Sweets Kendamas, are all really good kendamas also if you like the custom paints and whatnot.