Review-OgoPogo Edition BVM

Please note that I have done a review style similar to Dryoyo’s. I think this is a style that should be done in one form or another in all or most reviews.
Also note that I do not have pictures of this yo-yo. I wanted to have pictures but due to camera complication and Dial-Up I am unable to have them. For pictures please go to this link.

Review- OgoPogo BVM
Manufacturer: CLYW acronym for Caribou Lodge YoYoWorks.
Shape: Butterfly/wing shape.
Weight (g): 67.50
Width (mm): 38.98.
Diameter (mm): 52.76.
Gap Width (mm): 4.18
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width): .250 x .500 x .817 in.
Gap Type: Fixed.
Stock Response System: Flowable Silicone.
Colorway: Green with Blue Splash.

First Impressions
Today when I got home from STAR testing I went to check the mail and I found that my new yo-yo had come. The OgoPogo edition Bear Versus Man. It came in a plain, brown, cardboard USPS box. Once I had gotten inside I opened the box to find…a YoYoNation sticker, a order confirmation piece of paper and the Caribou Lodge YoYoWorks box enclosed in a square paper bag wrap. After opening the paper bag wrap stuff I find the CLYW box with the guy on the lid. Upon opening this small box I find the BVM OgoPogo Edition stock with what looked like a pink YoYoNation Highlight.
After taking it out and attaching it to my hand I looked at it for a while. Then I did the first throw, it spun as I went through trick after trick after trick and still had more to give.
On grinds this is amazing. I am pretty sure it is beadblasted so it will grind like a beast.

On a Throw
When you go to put this yo on a throw this will do whatever you can come up with.
It will spin as long as you need it to be for any complex string tricks or 5A tricks.
After trying an And Whut? and two of my own tricks combo and it still having plenty of spin left for a lot more this question is not “What can it do?” instead it is “What can it not do?” After playing around with some more tricks I tried grinds. Once Dryoyo said that a yo-yo’s last redeeming factor was its ability to grind, since a well-done finger stall to a “walk the dog” off the shoulder is something that can amaze any audience. I know it can since I have done this very thing multiple times before. Anyways this thing will grind extremely well due to the beadblast on its surface. Now this yo-yo is beadblasted in the correct spots and not in the bearing seat area like the Hulk Smash Peaks were.
This yo-yo will grind and still have spin for taunting grind combos or the capability to open the trick with a grind and then do a trick or for a trick that includes a grind.
On a throw itself this yo-yo has no vibe with a nice throw if you think it is the yo-yo that causes the vibe then you are wrong. If you have tried the finger test with the vibe and it doesn’t smooth out then it will probably be your yo-yo and not your throw.
This yo will not start tilting until it is pretty much dead, even then you can still get it back up the string good enough to do a regen and catch it then. On thumb grinds this thing is beastly. It will grind on your thumb as long as you want and switch from thumb to htumb as many times as you want.
Final Thoughts
CLYW has done a good job with this yo-yo, I was grateful for the Peak and Bully fever to come before this yo-yo dropped, otherwise I would probably not have this great yo-yo and I would not be typing this review.
My only statement to CLYW is “Do not change one thing about this yo-yo except for the colors that it comes in.” CLYW, you have made perfection and molded it into this yo-yo.
Now I know that there are a lot of good metals out there but this is one that tops a good amount of them. Compared to a Peak, I would have to say that the Peak is just too heavy for me and that this BVM is just the right weight for me. Now I am not saying that the Peak is not a good player I am saying that I like what CLYW did with this yo-yo.
Since this is Boyd Seth’s signature yo-yo I say that he has designed a great player and that those who have one are very lucky.
For now Caribou Lodge is going to put a hold on making the BVM for a while to make the eagerly awaited Basselope and the Wooly Marmot.

wow,great review,but I think a lot of it was strickly about grindind and made it a little boring.
other than that, great review!

lol, I’m surprised to hear that the Peak is too heavy for you as the BvM is actually heavier :wink:

I was thinking the same thing while I was reading. But other than that, great review ;D

it is? huh, it plays like its really light.
The Peak plays like it is really heavy.

This is a great review. In depth and very easy to read. Keep up the good work!