REVIEW of the Shinwoo Dolphin.

i have always been a fan of undersized yoyo’s, and shinwoo has always given me smiles. so a while back i was bebopin around in class on a few yoyo sites and stumbled accross the dolphin. i instantly was ready to get one when it showed on yye. i got the “orange” color, that looks far more gold than orange.

i anxiously waited for it to show up and pop! there was my magical yye box in the mailbox.

trying my hardest to make sure i can do a good review i looked everything over.
the box was pretty standard as far as yoyos from shinwoo go. cardboard box with ink. i opened it up and found the beutiful anodized yoyo inside it’s “melted sealed” plastic cover. opened up the seales and was greated with string the famous reversible blue rubber.

opeining up the yoyo i found a RED SILICONE! ineteresting.

a few throws reminded me of the “heavy on the string” feeling of my zen2. it’s very defined in it’s handling every where. it’s not unlively but very stable and predictable.

closed it up and put their white cotton string on. the string felt very short to me like 4 inches to short in reality it was only a small 1.5 inches to short. the yoyo was stable. after several throws the yoyo slowed, almost as if the bearing had stopped! and it had. the bearing is OPEN and probabyly had a pice of dirt in it somewhere. so i put some windex in a little bottle and shook it around. took it out. and it was smooth again. so after i dryed it off again. this happened more than once. i can make lots of excuses but it’s just fact.

putting in the rubber to make a complete review i found that this can be nice semi responcive yoyo for many people and very responcive with some lube.

i give this yoyo 4 out of 5 stars i my book. a longer string and sealed but clean bearing would be all that i would change. good job shinwoo!

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Good review, but I think you can add more about how the yo-yo plays.

Also, it’s called a shield for the bearing. Yours came de-shielded.