Review: BTT Yo-Yo Ball

The year is 2010. Somewhere on Earth, there sits a person, persistently surfing the Internet in search of a treasure. An accessory. A companion. Eyelids weighed down by the countless days without sleep, he sips his coffee, black with one sugar, in wait. The clock dings once. Twice. He closes his eyes. Three times. Four times. He rubs his eyes with his fatigued fingers. Five times. Six times. It’s time to give up, he thinks to himself. The sun begins its ascent into the deserted sky, bringing light to those deprived of it. He moves to shut down the computer. But then, out of the corner of his eye, something that he should not have seen were it not for the help of Lady Luck, he spots something. He swivels his chair back around, curiosity piqued by a yo-yo and a brand he had never heard of before. His cheeks crease into a smile. He had found it.

The BTT Yo-Yo Ball

First Impressions:
When I first received my Yo-Yo Ball (from here on out referred to as the Ball), I was amazed. The clear plastic packaging complimented the clear plastic shield the Ball was encased in. You can really tell that BTT went out of their way to deliver the most eye pleasing packaging they have ever released. The Ball itself is oversized, which really pleased me as I am normally uncomfortable with undersized yo-yo’s. The packaging was very durable. Tearing, biting, scissors… to no avail. This revealed to me about how burglar-proof this product was. After finally locating a box cutter, I was able to open my package.

Comfort and Tech:
You ever hold something that is just so comforting that you wish you could hold on to it forever? That’s kind of what it was like to hold onto the Ball. The very carefully polished (satined?) plastic exterior makes the Ball very slick and smooth; while not to an extent where you feel as if it will drop out of your hand, the Ball does feel very slippery. The general shape of the Ball is unique. While its individuality is very difficult to express in words, I guess the best way to describe it would be… a ball.

On a Throw:
The Ball is equipped with the new Auto-Return technology. This results in a very strong 2A player. When I looped with it, the Ball always came back to my hand straight. No more worries about having to work on your throw. The throw could best be described as throwing a cloud. It really is a gentle feeling. And one thing worth mentioning: the Ball, whether due to specific manufacturing or maybe a new kind of patented design, never snags. You heard me correctly. Never. Say good-bye to unscrewing your yo-yo in order to get a knot out (actually, say good-bye to ever unscrewing your yo-yo).

Final Thoughts:
The Ball is simply amazing. Everything I wanted all compacted into a single throw. It truly is a one-of-a-kind yo-yo. The Ball retails for $4. GET IT.


this is the greatest thing ive ever read. i had one of these wheni was like eight, they were the greatest. hahahahahaha.

:o where can u get them ???

target, toys r us, walmart(not sure) other stores related to these.

So what would you choose?
Superstar or “The Ball”
I’m really considering both. I read about 5 or so Superstar reviews, but once I read this…I was hooked. It seems like it’s everything I ever wanted. Screw Pyramatte or Beadblasting. This finish looks like it would beat everything. The odd design seems perfect for Chopsticks and Eli Hops also.

Xyjiryo, what do you think…

Hehe… I thought you were kidding but it seems like you really meant it so here it goes…
This yoyo can not do any 1a trick. It have “automatic return” system which means that there is no ball bearing. I wouldnt get it, waste of money

I’m sure it’s going to be 1998 all over again.

its fun for 2a because it’s really easy and the yoyo doesn’t sping out, but other than that it’s… useless

My cousins and I got some during a family reunion a long time ago. It was the best toy ever. I’d recommend getting one if you haven’t already.

Walmart has them in the checkout lanes.

I want. haha

Does the BTT Yo-Yo Ball sleep?

Just noticed the Pokeball does

no it doesnt i used to have one when i was younger it doesnt sleep at all as soon as you throw it down it comes back to your hand immediately

It wouldnt be fair to beat the around the world record with it.

pointless buy?

K- strauss’s signature yoyo. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it for the fact that if you unscrew it and mix grated mandrake root, an egg from a black chicken, honey, horse hair, and one of those tissues from your bedroom floor together, pour it in the halves and bury it under a silver maple for 3 days of a Gibbous moon phase you get a couple really neat, screaming silly putty gingerbread man things living inside it for a couple of weeks.
Also it’s great for thumb grinds for Thaldomidians

…That’s so obscure, I’m not sure if I even follow it anymore.

we are all past this right??? (i hope) ;D

lol ;D