reverse triangle

i found a cool, easy, and addicting reverse triangle! all you have to do, is do the first part of ladder escape before the ladder mount. but before you swing completely over the back of your throw hand pointer, go halfway and land it onto the string closest to you! then cross your non throwhand pointer beneath the yoyo, and drop everything on your throwhand. -reverse triangle

tut would be nice

yeah, i dont really know how to post videos, and what i said was kinda confusing…

All ya need to do is take a video of you doing it, slowly, then put it on youtube. ;D I actually also wanna know what you’re doing haha ;D

can someone tell me how to take a video thats not mine from youtube and put it on YYE

Just copy the url of the video, and paste it on a post.

but then will the link come out or the vid

Yes - The video will come out.

I hate reverse GTs, I know way to many. The easiest ways are from Wrist mount, try and find some :wink:


I rarely do GT’s in general anymore. Unless I find a really ninja way to do it 8)

I love green triangles lol i wish there was a vid of this i wanna know how!!!

Cough Mines the best Cough


ok guys i will try to post a tut for it tonight! :wink: w wouldnt get too excited though, because its nothing special. just a very simple reverse gt that is hard to explain lol

Hmm, so someone did think of it before me.

ok, no video. my parents dont want me to. oh well. i will try to explain again, and if anyone figures it out, please post a video. ok, throuw a breakaway and swing into a 1.5 mount. roll out of 1.5, and swing behind both strings ont the string coming straight from your throwhand. move your nonthrow hand under the yoyo and make sure no strings fall off. drop all strings on your throwhand and it should be in a reverse gt.