Don't know if this already exists or not...

Please tell me whether this exists or not.

Thanks before hand!


I was doing that when I started yoyoing…

Thanks! That means I’m right on schedule! I just got my first Yo-Yo this past Wed.

Nice! I hope your having fun with your Velocity!

If you have any questions, just PM me. :wink:

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At 0:11, right before the yoyo bites the dust, you had a Red Triangle formed. If you do that exact same move (reaching through the loop and pulling the string through it) from a Bottom Mount or a Trapeze, you may have better luck doing the trick without it snagging. When the yoyo is spinning that direction and you’re in that mount, it’s a really sensitive spot to be in as far as snagging goes.

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This is the completed trick! ;D

There is prabably a much easier way to do this, though.
P.S. I have NO idea why it has two video screens in them both. ???

Yeah, it’s been done plenty of times.

Also, you don’t need to have the video embed, just post the link.

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Yeah, it is a type of triangle. There are green triangles, black triangles, and red triangles. The won you did was a red triangle. You can just drop that. An example of a red triangle, is the last part of a trick called gondala. Black and green triangles you need to dismount a certain way.

Also, for the video, like Samad said, just post the link in the address bar, and the video will show up.
Well, hope this helped. :smiley:

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Thanks everyone, this has given me a lot more information than I expected and it helps.