Help with obiting green triangle!

Ill apreciate any tips or advice :slight_smile:

To me, when you drop it to the gt it actually looks like a Red triangle. If so you can just drop it out and bind, you don’t have to hop out if it’s the Red Triangle. As for Tips Practice Practice, Try slowing down the vid to see whats going on. I myself am still learning it, I was only going around once instead of three times, when I do it twice it drops into a Red Triangle still it’s cool but not the Orbiting GT. so sorry but hope what little bit helps. I use the VLC media player and am able to slow it down real slow so you can see every little bit needed to understand the trick. So as I do, Practice, Practice, Practice and Good Luck

I have learned it and I think the second drop you do just before you, Don’t Drop it. Wait till you Hop first then Drop the one part, and then when clap drop the last part at the same time. Try it that way, also are you hopping the yoyo from the back to the front.

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I drop that string after the whip, then hop/roll foward then clap, sometimes i get it, often times i dont haha

yea it looks like that “fake” triangle when you notice the “extra string” (is that called a “red triangle” ?) and to dismount that fake triangle, you usually have to drop every thing. you can also go from there and get an eifel tower, look at the video I recently posted, which is a 5A trick called “spiderman tower”, there’s a part in this trick that goes from that fake (red?) triangle up to some sort of eifel tower.

anyway, if that’s actually what I call “fake” triangle, just try and drop everything and see what happens, worst case scenario you get a knot, which won’t be the first, nor the last anyways.