Reverse Trapeze whip

How do you do this? When you pop it out, do you have to slide your finger out of the loop then whip? or do you just pop and whip the thing out of it or what? Can someone explain?

I can do hook, slack trapeze and cheese whip.

EDIT: Nevermind, i can do it now. (1 min after posting) Tips: Pop the yoyo high.

Feel free to leave tips though ;D

yes you take your finger out, I find that your throw hand should be over your non throw hand to make the loop bigger. This trick can be done without popping out of trapeze-just let the yoyo sit down and whip. Remember whip behind the yoyo just like a normal hook, going back to the pop, yes remove your finger and whip-it’s a very fast move good luck.:slight_smile:

hope this helps