Reverse Jade Whip, also known as: Under whip

Simply put, when I try to do one of the elements of the trick shown here:

(The specific element is at 0:57)

Whenever I do this I either end up in a weird reverse wrist whip, a wrist whip, or the string doesn’t follow through.

Just to let you know, yes, I can do a Jade whip, follow, and the paul han slack.

How do I whip the string to make it land in the mount used in this video?

I think the problem may be that the same thing happens whenever I do a hanging whip.

Please do not put any of the following responses: “Just practice it” Whenever I do practice it, I get a knot!
“That’s an awesome trick” I know, now tell me how to fix the whip!
“That’s a difficult trick, and I have the same problem” So do I! But that was pointless in saying that.

My appreciation-


i’m just gonna make you mad by saying “just practice it”. I don’t really know this trick but review the video, see what side of your wrist the string/yoyo has to be on (reeeeeeeeeally important) and keep watching the motion of the whipping and do it with a non-spinning yoyo :wink:

Josh Yee is awesome and all, * but I don’t think the hanging whip tutorial gave enough information about the positioning of the whip, hand, knuckles, etcetera, to answer your answer jonahtroy.

So, Josh Yee, also known as minimotu, if you are reading this. How do you do hanging whip?

*This is VERY painful to say

Just go into a trapeze, pop off and hold the string like you would on a regular jade whip.

Not to be repetitive, but I know how to form the loop you use to whip, just whenever I whip, I end up in a weird formation.

are you whipping to the side closest to you?