rev-1 overhaul, by dif-e-yo...

rev-1 overhaul, by dif-e-yo…

diameter - 2.1 inches, 53.340 mm
width - 1.6 inches, 40.650 mm
weight - 64 gms, 67 gms, 70 gms and 73 gms (depending on weight oring setup)
gap - .177 inches, 4.5 mm

setup - stock, fully loaded.

it don’t get any better…

the rev-1 overhaul is the second release in the hard knock series yo yos by dif-e-yo. the yo yo comes packaged in a sealed, clear top tin w/ specs listed on the side. the yo yo comes bubble wrapped, so damage durin’ shipment should not be an issue.

the rev-1 overhaul is based on the dif-e-yo wideload yo yo. those familiar w/ dif-e-yo yo yos throughout the years know that the wideload was an exceptional playin’ yo yo for its’ time. the redesigns incorporated into the rev-1 overhaul have made and exceptional playin’ yo yo, into an incredible playin’ yo yo.

the rev-1 overhaul comes w/ 3 sets of rubber weight orings that fit snug into each half. the inner most weight oring is slightly smaller in diameter than the others - so the rings must be installed in order. w/o weight orings, the rev-1 overhaul weighs 64 grams. w/ one set of rings the weight goes up to 67 grams. add the second set and the weight goes up to 70 grams. and fully loaded the rev-1 overhaul weighs 73 grams. such diversity in weight is unparalleled w/ any yo yo i’ve seen on the market today. a truly innovative weight system, that gives the player the option to play the yo yo how they like it, w/o bein’ limited by the yo yos design.

aesthetically, the rev-1 overhaul shares the same color scheme as its’ juggernaut brother. precise laser engravin’ on a mil-spec type iii hard anodized black finish. the finish is consistent and there are no flat spots, fades or any other machinin’ anomalies on the rev-1 overhaul. the wideload truck emblem is the same as the one found on the wideload collector’s edition, and the current year is stamped in the lower right hand corner. a standard of production that can only come from a dif-e-yo product.

in addition to providin’ a grind friendly finish, the hard anodized coat on the yo yo is extremely durable. i’ve carried my rev-1 overhaul in a pocket full of change, and the scuffs just wipe off. i’ve hit the yo yo on my weddin’ band durin’ play, and it refuses to be dinged. to scratch, ding or damage the rev-1 overhaul would have to be done w/ intent. otherwise, the finish speaks for itself…a testimony of the insight and forethought Mr. Difeo put into the aesthetics, as well as the function of the anodization.

the rev-1 overhaul comes stock w/ a stacked dif pad flush response (.030 thick dif pad + .015 thin dif pad). the response groove uses .555 pads, and as aforementioned, can be stacked to accomodate multiple response depths - to include flowable silicone. the rev-1 overhaul uses a 1/2 inch short axle, that shortens the outer axle hub to accomodate thumb grind/rim grinds nicely (w/o the rubber weight orings). the first cut on the inner rim for the rubber weight oring just hugs my thumb on grinds…and w/ the way the balance and center of gravity is zeroed in, any trick on the rev-1 overhaul plays true.

the rev-1 overhaul is a full sized yo yo. the profile curves out to meet a 1/4ish inch flat rim. though it may look like ‘nother dif on the outside, the insides of the rev-1 overhaul is where you’ll see the dif-ference. the newer released dif-e-yos have more of a 90 degree transition on the inner halves. straight inward from the outer rim, w/ a 90ish degree transition straight down towards the hub. previous difs had more of a gradual milled curve to the inner half. how Mr. Difeo is able to accomplish this w/o losin’ any strength in the design is magical. to say it is a precision design would be an understatement.

dif-e-yo yo yos have been known in the ‘metal’ yo yo world for consistency in play and solidity in feel. the rev-1 overhaul expounds on these two characteristics, to make the yo yo on par w/ any any yo yo on the market today. imho, the rev-1 overhaul’s play surpasses any yo yo i’ve ever thrown…it is the ‘best’ yo yo i’ve thrown to date. of the many yo yos i’ve reviewed, i’ve sometimes thought…well perhaps this could’ve been incorporated to make the design better. or maybe this could’ve been done a dif-ferent way to make the play better. w/ the rev-1 overhaul - it don’t get any better.

some comp pics…

my apologies for the raggedly lookin’ pics…i think i’ve dropped my 5 year old point and shoot one too many times.



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Pretty good review, and the pics were actually pretty good.

now there’s 2 Dif’s on my To-buy list…

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what is your personal prefrence on the weight setting

thanks for the kind replies, and look sees.

my personal preference is the 73gms. settin’…i love heavy yo yos.



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I agree…I like my yoyo to have some presents on the string…