I’ve been throwing a yo yo for a couple of years now and consider myself an intermediate. Yesterday I bought a new yo yo and was throwing it and I notice that it does a return if it is spinning at high speed without a bind, just by giving it a tug. I looked it over and it looks the same as the ones that I’ve been throwing that always require a bind to return. What is different about this yo yo?

Without any information about what yo-yo you bought (or pictures), it’s impossible to say.

Bearing is probably a little more lubed or the pads are a little stickier or newer.

Either clean the bearing or just let it break-in naturally.

I’ve had this happen either with a new throw or if I’ve been in a dusty area where even a small piece of grit got into the bearing. Found out the hard way when I received a nice knuckle buster after it popped right back up unexpectedly.

Thanks for the info guys, that was about what I was expecting. I should have mentioned that it was a Magic N11 which is an unresponsive yo yo and I have a couple more Magic N11’s and they are totally unresponsive. This new one doesn’t spin quite as well which leads me to believe that the bearing isn’t letting the axle spin as well as it should. Still I have to say that I like the ability to give the string a tug and have the yo yo return after a trick, it is just like any other unresponsive yo yo until you give the string a tug.

Play it for a few days.

It’s a Magic yoyo that is why

I don’t think Magic Yoyos had the best bearings in them to be honest. I think when I got my T9 I ended up swapping the bearing out after a while.

My K6 I just bought however seems to work decent for the price. Has a gold (colored) bearing too which I find interesting.

This man tells it true.

The problem is that you have purchased a Magicyoyo.

What’s wrong with magicyoyo?
I’ve most of their yoyo
to be honest my n12 plays better than the shutter

I’ve owned few Magicyoyo. They are just bad quality overall. At the start I thought they were great. But you really do get what you pay for (within reason).

There are some that are passable though, such as the N12 you mentioned and maybe the N5.

to be honest, not all of them are very good, but, you shouldn’t call them bad too.n11 is one of their best yoyo ever make, don’t make a bearing problem become a whole yoyo problem.
I can even imagine that yoyofficer pause play the same way as n9 or t5.
Their delrins are rock too, cheap but play really well

I know from experience that the bearings go bad really fast so that is probably your problem. Not to diss their yoyos or anything.

Magic yoyos are awesome for 5a practice.

Magicyoyos are quite nice for the price but their bearings are generally junk.

I agree, I own several Magic yoyos and for the price they are hard to beat. I think that I will change the bearing and see if that cures it. In the mean time it’s fun throwing a semi-responsive yoyo, I’ve never had one before.