New magic n12 yoyo went responsive


So I ordered a magic n12 (unresponsive yoyo) from Amazon. I received it the day after as I paid for the one day shipping. I opened it and played with it for a little while and didn’t really notice a whole lot. It did seem somewhat responsive though. After a little while of use i decided to try the plastic whip. This is my first yoyo and I really wanted to learn that trick. I tried to do it and every time I try to the yoyo came up. I didn’t know what happened and I continued trying it and the same result. Then when I throw the yoyo down and tug it comes back up to me. Afterwards I tried a rock the baby and brain scrambler and at the end of rocking it the yoyo returned and after I was almost done with the brain scrambler it came back nearly hitting me in the face. I don’t know why this is happening as I just got it. Any help is appreciated as well as good tips for beginners. Also it is dying out pretty quickly.


Unwind the string and can you send a picture of the yoyo so you can see the string on the bearing? That way we can help you more

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T


What I’m using cant upload pictures but the string is on properly I’m pretty sure and I have tried to remove the string tension by letting the string dangle and spin out while I hold the yoyo.


Clean the bearing (just look up how to clean a yoyo bearing on the Internet).

Sometimes new bearings come with too much lubricant and will be responsive.


Just an observation, but you state this is your first yoyo, so it looks like you are a rank beginner. That is not a simple trick. That said (no offense intended) the problem is probably more you than the yoyo. Practice simple tricks before diving into the harder stuff. Learn to throw straight. Also as noted, clean the bearing.


I just cleaned the bearings (soaked in mineral spirits for about 10 minutes, let dry for about ten minutes then I spinned the bearing around on a pencil to get it all out). After that I saw a video on how to make lube and I used a toothpick and stuck it in the lube and spread it around the bearing. Neither of those things worked. I played with it after I cleaned then after I lubed and neither helped. Also I know the yoyo basics I have played with unresponsive yoyos before this is just the first one I own.


Knowing the basics does not necessarily equate to having a decent throw. Sorry. Also try cleaning the bearing and not applying any lube. Play it dry and see how it works.


Magicyoyos don’t come with the best bearings. If it isn’t working properly after cleaning then you might just need to replace the bearing.

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there are reasons they are dirt cheap. A new bearing is likely, but more often than not its just lack of practice and or experience.