Retail Yo-Yo Store in Hong Kong. A must see.


On a trip to Hong Kong over the summer, a friend told me about a retail Yo-Yo Store that stocked High-End yoyos. When I first went there over the summer, they had 1 leviathan 2 in stock. When I went back to Hong Kong recently, they had a huge selection of high-end Yo-Yos…

  • 4 Positrons
  • 4 Maxbets
  • Albino Leviathan
  • 4 Superfly
  • 2012 Clash
  • 2 RTs
  • 2 AX
  • YYF Premium Collection
  • YYJ LE Phenom

and loads more. Here, I bought the AX, which was not in stock in any online American Yo-Yo Store. I also bought the last remaining Albino Leviathan. The owner is highly knowledgeable about Yo-Yos in general. He lets you inspect the Yo-Yo before you purchase them (not play, har har), and if you buy bearings, he lets you spin them before you buy them. The shop is not very busy, so sometimes, even if it is during it’s working hours, the owner may no be there. You will have to call his cell phone, that is given on the store window. I highly suggest visiting this shop if you get a chance to go to Hong Kong. Their website is here: . I would not follow the website too closely though, as it is seldomly updated. Also, in case this forum might have problems with it, it does not do online selling, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks for sharing!

Must… Go… To… Hong Kong…

Wow… I hope there are places like that here in Indonesia.

Anyway… Anything you could share about the owner?

His name is Ken, but I don’t really know much about him. He has a bunch of photos of him at a contest or meet somewhere, so I’m guessing he is not just a solo Yo-Yo’er. From what I seen he can do, he is pretty experienced, at least 3 years or more. Also, due to the YoYoAddict Hong Kong sign, I’m guessing it’s the YoYoAddict Hong Kong branch?