Restocks Page

I think it would be really beneficial to the sales here if a restocks page was added.
I’ve seen other stores do it (wont mention names obviously :wink: ) and it has seemed to increase their sales rate because they have an easy manner in which to advertise that a popular yo-yo or accessory has come back into stock. I for one always check the restocks page whenever I visit (insert other store here) and I think it could benefit yoyoexpert’s store.

Especially when a company releases special edition yo-yos (ex. the Jon-Bot Sasquatch), having a restock page would have really increased how fast they sold by showing that a new design was added in the restocks page.

Anyways, this is just a suggestion that could make shopping an easier experience for the customer and increase sales.

Thanks for reading


Now this is a good idea.

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yeah, it is a good idea. It took me a while before I knew they had YYR Back in stock…

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Thought I’d bring this back up. I think it should be considered. It wouldn’t be very hard to implement.

That would be nice. I know some other sites have it to pretty good success.

I really want this too. I hope Andre will consider this.