Popular items in the store

I think there should be a best selling page in the shop, that has all the most popular items in order. It would be nice to be able to see what the most popular yoyos are right now.


The best selling yoyos are made by the companies in the drop down part of the shop. Up there. ^

Yes, actually, this would be cool.

Wow, finally a good suggestion.

I like this idea. Maybe top 5 (or 10 or whatever) of the day, week, month, year…

I think maybe the top 2 sellers in each category, but with 1A, have anything plastic and plastic/metal be lumped into one category, and metals in another. With 12 top sellers, that should be sufficient.

Then the other area would be a “beginner’s” section. There is even a DM2 beginner’s bundle, stuff like that to help get people started. There needs to be a “budget beginner bundle”, probably based around the Legacy II or Classic.

Other stores do this and I think it’s quite interesting to see what’s been selling quite well.

I also find it interesting. It wouldn’t necessarily be super statistically important because available stock would influence number of sales (ie. some will sell out and have limited quantities) but I’d still find it interesting.

The best selling = what’s sold out.

Not necessarily.

Lol I totally called that. I saw that someone responded to my post and I was like “It’s gonna say not necessarily”

Well it’s true haha…

No offense, but that’s a little insulting to some people

People always say no offense…

    I want to see someone say 'offense intended'

Your feet are dirty and you smell like a camel.

offense intended :wink:

See my thread about Sweating in Vietnam in the General Forum.

In some cases, offense was intended, desired and wanted, solicited and obtained.

(man, I hated that trip)

No, my feet were dirty, but I’m fairly sure I probably smelled like a cow or maybe a goat.

And what the heck were you doing following me around Vietnam?

(Stating sarcasm was used to alleviate confusion and clarify humor)

HEY! I resemble that remark! >:(

I believe as an administrator you should exhibit more sensitivity. Given my age and ever increasing waistline it is becoming more and more difficult to even reach my feet.

(…and the smell is not camel, it’s goat.)

Oh wait, I didn’t catch that Studio had already referenced “goat”.
The smell is abyssinian cat… no, no, that’s no good.
It’s, ah, wild javelina from New Mexico.
(Those guys are scary!)

I’m sorry, age and waist size have no bearing on the situation, and I know a camel when I smell one. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been waiting for that my whole life.
Thank you.

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Maybe a Llama?

in general yo’s case, yes. they’re there and then there gone…