Responsive YYF WHiP

Okay, so I received my YoYoFactory WHiP a couple of days ago and when I first got it, it was perfectly unresponsive.
However, today, it started being highly responsive all of a sudden.
It comes back when I give it a slight tug.
Do I have to clean out my bearings already or something? I’ve never done that before A

Also, will a Duncan SG Stickers fit for a Duncan Metal Drifter?

Sorry for the off topic question.

hair in the bearing? or something.

The bearing is probably just breaking in. Just keep playing with it.

Nope, nothing’s in the bearing.
Hopefully it’s just breaking in, I’ll try to keep playing with it…

When there is nothing visable in the bearing, I just drop one drop of really thin lube on the bearing and then play with it till it is unresponsive again. Normaly around an hour of play.

Allright, I’ll try to lube it my bearing and break it in a little.

This also happened with my grind machine.
I ended up prying the bearing from the spacers and it didn’t spin at all.
Since there is no spacers in the whip, I would just clean the bearing and lube it up.