responsive tenball

So i have a markmont next and when i clean it (with acetone) completely it still doesn’t spin for as long as my other bearings… i thought whatever no big deal… i add some V4M lube to it and it became slightly responsive (to be expected) but after a few hours of play its still responsive. I dont even add a whole drop of lube into the bearing. The lube should have broken in by now but it hasn’t. Whats going on?

Try the paper method, could be something stuck in the bearing.

Clean it again.

Add more lube, only a tiny bit, put some on the tip of a needle and touch some of the balls. Spin it around on the tip of a pen.

Keep playing it, might take a while.

Get some electrical contact cleaner “no residue” formula. And spray it down. It dries really fast and leaves my 10balls super clean. In my opinion nothing is faster or easier. Just spray and play.

Heed all lable warnings. As you would with acetone.

I had a 10 ball go responsive on me, but only in one direction, so I soaked it in mineral spirits for about a day, agitating it every so often. I think this got rid of anything that was stuck in the bearing, so it was perfect afterwards. A little lube and it was quiet and unresponsive again.