responsive and grinding, not a good mix

I have been grinding for the past 2 weeks now using my tfl (two fat ladies) yoyo. It is a very good grinder but as most yoyos do when you yank the yoyo up a lot with a hard pull it will be responsive and shoot back up to your hand. I know the tfl is unresponesive but with all my yoyos a huge tug will sometimes get them to come back up. Here is my problem. When i hop the yoyo onto my thumb for a grind, like i said before sometimes it becomes resposive and it just wraps right up, same with a arm grind when i try to hop it up sometimes it will become responsive. Any tips to try to stop this from happening, i really like grinding but this is really getting in the way

Use your other hand to keep some tension on the string.

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As you pop the yoyo up, kind of whip the string under it, that may prevent this from happening

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Along with the other two answers sometimes if my string tension is really bad that causes this for my also. Maybe try adjusting your tension also.

when you yank it up, try to put the slack that forms in front of you. this way it is harder to snag or just come up.

I forgot about that part, I knew I meant to put more!
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You just have to be smooth and the yoyo won’t come back no matter what.


Just put your hand down to hold the string down. You don’t have to put tension on it just a little preassure. Though you won’t be able to this on the switch hand grind so i’d try popping the yo onto your arm keeping your string falling to the front of your arm.