Response pad question


Well I’m having response issues with my shutter. YYF pads don’t last long enough and aren’t grippy enough. OD 19 mm are too thin and nowhere near grippy enough, just got em, very mad. I’ve tried IR soft put they’re too expensive and too grippy. Monkey snot flowable has hardened before I’ve opened it every time I’ve ordered it, plus I don’t want the hassle. Any suggestion for pads, ps I want something with the feel of OD’s regular pads, thanks.


Just a quick suggestion about the monkey snot. It needs to be kept in the refrigerator or a dehumidifier to avoid hardening. I understand the hassle part but just wanted to let you know FYI. Good Luck. :peace_symbol:


YYF Pads don’t last long enough?? I don’t think i’ve heard that complaint before. How long are they lasting? Are they actually wearing completely down in a short amount of time or are they falling out?

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I would also like to know more about YYF pads not lasting. How are they failing? Have you tried the assortment packs? if not, do that.