Replay Pro

After using this yoyo for a month i can say my opinions on it, its a very heavy yoyo so not made for speed but for complex tech tricks, its bearing holds up well, on a good throw the yoyo last about 40 second on combos and 1 minute 10 seconds on sleepers, overall great biginner yoyo.


Please keep in mind that it is more than a beginner’s yoyo, Gentry Stein used one to win nationals several years ago.

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I agree with both of the above, at $16 you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better throw especially for beginners. The low price is important because it’s almost certain to take some smacks on the ground. Mine certainly did and survived!

For playability, it does feel on the heavy side but, as Gentry illustrated, it’s as capable as the fellow throwing it. I think it’s considered a beginner yoyo because of the low price and durability, and there are much nicer-playing throws at a higher price point so once a beginner has passed the smacking-onto-concrete phase he or she will probably benefit from upgrading, if only to increase the personal enjoyment from a smoother/flashier/more capable throw. After all, the Replay Pro does lack refinements such as a good grind finish and thumb lip, and I’d hate to have to learn fingerspins on it!



Its all in the hands of the player. Gentry is very very skilled. Also if u see that freestyle he adapted his usual trick style to be able to do them with a replay. He put in a lot of thought and effort to win that, the yoyo didnt help him much.

100% the player is more important than the yoyo, and, Gentry did build his Nationals win routine around what the Replay was capable of. However, none of that changes that he used the Replay Pro at Nationals and won. It is a very good choice for a beginner, and, it will take anyone as far through the trick tutorials on YoYoExpert or other sites as they would like to go. That said, it wouldn’t be my first choice for horizontal, but, that says as much about my horizontal skills as it does about the yoyo.

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