Replay Pro Suddenly Becomes Responsive

Hi, my replay pro for some odd reason is being responsive when I tug on it. I tried swapping the bearings, lube, but it keeps happening. Keep in mind this only happens with my replay pro. Thanks!

Maybe you have a responsive Replay Pro?
There are pads that are made responsive, they stick out more.

I would check that.

How responsive is it?

It’s definitely not a responsive replay pro. In the beginning it was fine, but now approx. 3 months after receiving it has it become responsive. When I tug on it, it goes up and doesn’t wind for a moment, but then suddenly the strong winds up.


Have you tried running the bearing dry? Do a thorough clean


Is it a case where it only spins for a few seconds, and is responsive?

Check the bearing seats carefully. Make sure nothing is in the bearing seat area, and also that the plastic around the outer part of the bearing seat isn’t marred so that it’s rubbing the bearing.