Replaceable tipped ken

Today on the Facebook community I came across someone selling a ken that had a replaceable plastic tip. The brand was “Mugen Musou” upon doing my research i learned they retail for around $500 "I won’t touch on how insane that is " needless to say that’s way beyond what I am willing to spend. But I absolutely love the idea to be able to swap your tip out when they dull, and not to mention how much smoother hitting a spike feels on plastic. If I could pay $50 , Maybe $75 tops for something like this I might be sold?

They don’t retail for $500 lmao. When they first released they were around $80. They’re like $100-$180 now depending on colors, options, availability, where you find them, etc. No idea why the price increase since their first release. Still expensive, but yeah not $500 expensive and no idea where you saw that.

Lol I thought it sounded crazy, but honestly bro all I did was enter the name in Google search and hit shop and these were my first hits, the cheapest one that was displayed was still $250 so a assumed it was used or fake lol. I thought it sounded ridiculous but Google shop is usually right on the money.
Can you PM me and tell me where I can get them reasonably?
And I know it might break rules to out these screen shots from Google shop but I’m only doing it to prove I’m not crazy, and mods can trust no one in threir right mind is going to pay $500 with these stores lol
Is anyone other than this brand making them with tips like this?

Think of Mugen Musou like the CLYW of kendamas. They are made really well, in limited batches, and some colors are so rare people pay insane prices for them.

Andre got one a little while ago and I have to say it is one of the best kendamas I have played. I wouldn’t pay that much for a kendama myself but I can see why some people do from the performance/collectable viewpoint.

Hey Garrett, USA Kendama sells 6 packs of Mugen replacement tips. And there are a ton of videos on YouTube of people modding their kens to receive them. So does Mugen have a patent on that tech do you know? That would be a pretty cool thing to sell on YYE if you can? If Kendama USA stocks them on their site I am sure you could here?

Listed: $35

Not sure if Mugen has the design patented or if it is just their signature thing. Modding kendamas to fit those tips is a cool idea though, I hate tossing a ken just because the tip is flattened.

It’s pretty unlikely that we will stock them though, they are one of those products that we just couldn’t make great markup on so it wouldn’t make sense.

My Roots has a plastic tip on it.