Could somebody make a review on the remnant if anybody got it. It looks like an awesome yoyo, I just want to know how it plays. And if you know of any other reviews on it could you tell me. THANKS

The Remnant is a relatively new yoyo so people might want to get the full feel for it before posting a review so you might have to a wait a little.
You can also try using the search button here, googling a review, or looking on youtube for a video review.
Or you can buy it yourself and get hands on experience…

There is a review of it on another forum, but highspeed will have one out shortly and SBL should be doing theirs in a couple weeks. I will post it once its not on another forum don’t like to post links to other forums it seems disrespectful but if you look you will find it.

Here’s a review. Directing someone to another site is the same deal no matter how you do it. Some ways are more helpful than others though.

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Oh thanks lol I just read that one.

Ok now Im deciding betwen the 888x and remnant, and yes I know they are probably completely different but I like how the remnant comes with a kk and the shape looks kind of cool. Also has anybody have any problem with the hubstacks on the 888? Does it cause any vibe or anything? Can you guys help Im stuck on this one… :wink: THANKS

I know what I would vote for ;D
but to answer your question I have not had problems with vibe and hub stacks unless I use z stacks and then my 888 was very vibey but I did not try to tune after that just put the original hubs on and the vibe went away. Hope that helps :wink:

Which one do you prefer? And does the 888 come with z-stacks? 8)

Well I own and operate String Theory Yoyo’s so I have a bit of a bias but I like the Remnant. The 888 does not ship with zstacks.
The z stacks are much bigger which would explain the introduced vibe.

Oh wow I didn’t know you owned String Theory!! Thats pretty cool… :o :smiley:

NNoxx, you are now my favorite person in this cyberspace.

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Ok I decided to get the remnant. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Make sure to write a review!!!

I will make a review when i get it(christmas). :slight_smile:

Good choice ;D

Hey Nnoxx could you tel me the pros and sons on the remnant?? And you should definetely make more yoyos! :smiley: :wink: THANKS

I made a yoyo I love to throw that has plenty of rim weight while being very stable. The silicone pads are the same material as one drops pads which responds just right and we have plenty in supply. I really can’t think of any cons because I made what I wanted. There should be some reviews out soon I am sure they will find something.

Yeah, I’ll be writing a review on the Loop 720 and the Counter Attack, too.

I dont know if I should get a 888 or remnant!!!

Here is a review