Remnant by String Theory YoYos: A High Speed YoYo Review

Ok, before we get too far into the review, I have to commend Mark on the awesome name he chose for his company. Being the “Big Bang Theory” loving geek that I am (my wife says I am a cross between Leonard and Sheldon), a name like String Theory YoYo was bound to catch my attention quickly. The Remnant is the first release from start up company, String Theory YoYos. When talking to Mark you can’t help but love his enthusiasm for design, this enthusiasm was readily apparent when I asked him why he decided to design a yo-yo. “I work at a CAD company and after falling in love with yoyo’s again I thought to myself I can do it better!! The rest is history.” Sure it sounds cocky, but you need that to build up the nerve to strike out into a crowded market and make a name for yourself. Now lets see what sort of name he is making for himself. Will this one stand with the crowd or should we just cut it loose?

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Thanks Chris. :wink: