Remember Him?

Anyone on here remember Paolo Bueno. Here he is, earning 4th at SoCal. He definitely got older…

ah, yes i remember dear old paolo

no not really i prolly wasnt here lol

Yea neither was I but if you click on “forum eXperts” you’ll find him.

Wow, i just read his autobiography, and his yoyo story is EXACTLY the same as mine… Maybe i’ll get older and get sponsored by YYF… and become an eXpert…

I remember him of course. He was the one with the Peak Video taht i loved

Been a long time since I used to post on this forum. Back then, I often saw posts like this one. However, I never thought I’d be at that level. I thought wrong. Just letting all the people on here know that in a few short years, you can be at that level too. Seriously guys, it means the world to me that I’m now being discussed on the forum I grew up on.

Why did you stop posting? Tons of other eXperts have also gone down the same path.

After over 2 years of posting on these forums, I decided to focus more on becoming a better yoyo player rather than spending a lot of my time posting on here. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my time on here a lot, but over time, I guess I just grew out of posting on forums.

Paulo makes perfect sense.

You are incredible.