Released for Christmas?

It seems like the last couple of weeks we’ve been seeing quite a bit of new stuff. New yoyo’s and new colors of ones that were already out. Is this to start a pre-Christmas buzz? And if so does that mean over the next couple of months we’re going to see more and more? If I was a manufacturer right now is when I’d be releasing all my best new stuff so all of you would nag your parents to get this for you for Christmas.

I highly doubt that, because it would be offending to those who don’t celebrate Christmas.

Not all celebrate, but in North America, Europe and now even Japan (the target markets), most do. It’s not a religious issue at all, it’s all about marketing.

Yeah, but think logically. Christmas is two and a half months away. If you drop something now, it’ll be gone by the end of the month, by people without the holidays in mind. Most of these releases happen at the end of November or beginning of December.

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I highly doubt THAT, because celebrating Christmas or no Christmas, the majority of the US celebrates Christmas, and if not Christmas, Channukah is nearby. The US market uses the Christmas season as a way to sell their best products and make big cash. Ever see on TV the “JC Penny Christmas sale”? Or “Christmas Blowout Sales”? Even two noteworthy games, Call of Duty 4 and World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King was released just one month before Christmas. Christmas is a BIG month make the biggest amount of money. And many corporations gauge their success based on their Christmas sales.

well considering most stores have sales and make a ton of money during that time of year and the fact that most americans celebrate christmas what makes you think a yoyo company would operate any differently?

Ok let me give my two cents… This is from a shoppers point of view not yoyo’er. Yes this is to basically start a buzz for the HOLIDAYS not chrismas in general. Also look at the marketing strategy yes people who celebrate gift-giving holidays will have extra money on their hands, but no matter what time of year if you release a good yoyo or color chances are alot of people will buy it…

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this is right^

This is the response that really made more sense than the others. Thank you.

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A little bird told me some thing that will with any hope, be hitting some where for The season. What and who will be doing this will remain a misery but if it goes down it will be an EPIC event. Stay tuned, also Samad sorry to hear about your wrist… It couldn’t happen to a nicer person… Just kidding maybe it is time on working on 2A or 3A with your left hand LOL. That is the only way I could do it.