???Does anyone know a few tricks with rejections

try rethink yoyo

The most famous one:

Josh Yee did this neat 1.5-rejection-to GT one… let’s see if I can find it…

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very cool, ill be working on that  ;D

Jade whip, reject inwards as you can play with the whip. One of my favorites

Love me some Jade Whip. So let me get this straight… do most of a Jade whip, but don’t drop the yoyo completely in? Then twist the whip loop inward such that it gets rejected again?

What does one do with it next? Hope for enough force in the rejection to land it again?

Preform a whole jade whip, but swing it towards you and the whip will reject out. I usually whip into a Brent stole from there.

Here is one of my favorite rejection tricks.

Kamikaze and shockwave are cool ones as well.

I have two rejections in this video. The first one at :41 is a little more basic and would be easier to learn from just watching. The second one at :52 is a bit more complicated and if you need any help you can PM me. Both are super flashy.

There is another rejection here in the very first shot. I like this one a lot because it looks so good when done right. This one isn’t very hard, either.

Shockwave is an awesome one, but its based off Magic drop, which is the part of the trick that has the rejection.

Candy Tain has a Magic Dropish thing in it.