Rejection to GT Catch combo - Diego B. Yoyo Things - Tutorials

Do you use a filter to make the string brighter?

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I enhance the yellow and Green saturation. But what really make the string brighter is having a good amount of light in front.

Wow thanks a lot :pray:t5:

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Today’s tutorial is about a One Handed GT combo. Hope you guys like it. If so, please let me know by subscribing and smashing the like button


Why is this called one handed? :grimacing:

For the mount you reach in the middle of the trick with the whole double gt on your right hand


Cool video, and nice trick, bro!

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New tutorial for this week, throwing the Juji by Shuriken yoyo, shoutout to @luiplken001 for this amazing and unexpected throw. This week’s trick is kinda advanced, let me know if you need any help with it. As always, don’t forget to like, comment and SUBSCRIBE


Cool trick!

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