Rehearse Live Now Open for Business!

Hello Yoyo Fam,

I wanted to share my new business with you:

Rehearse Live, a new Rehearsal Studio, and Music Education Facility is now open!!!

What we’re offering:

  • Monthly Lockout Rooms
  • Hourly and Daily Backlined Rooms
  • Live Studio Audio and Video Recording
  • Private Lessons
  • Band Coaching
  • Performance Opportunities
  • Event Space
  • Toddler Music Classes
  • Afterschool Music Program
  • Summer Camp for Teens with Atlanta Rock and Blues Camp

Who we’re looking for:

  • Bands
  • Solo Artists
  • Private Lesson Music Instructors
  • Band Coaches
  • Afterschool Music Program Teachers
  • Toddler Music Class Instructors
  • Various Music Professionals
  • Employees for Day-to-Day Operations

We will happily compensate you for any referrals who sign up for our services.

Here’s the address of the new facility:
2365 Pleasantdale Road
Atlanta, GA 30340

Website is up, but still under construction: Please check periodically for updates.

Have questions? Feel free to call or email me directly.

Please help me spread the word/forward this email to anyone who might be interested in using our services, or working with me to provide our services.

Thank You,
Michael Cady
Manager: Rehearse Live, LLC
Director: Lessons Live, LLC
Guitar and Bass
Performance and Instruction

I reread the forum rules, and didn’t see any conflict with posting this. If however, I have made a mistake, please accept my apology.


Well, I have to say my feelings were a bit hurt when nobody responded to my post about the (what I think is) awesome new business I’ve spent the last 3 years of my life, bringing to fruition.

Reviewing my post, however, I can see where it just looks like an advertisement. That was a form email I had sent out, and I posted it, because I thought it told a lot about what my business is all about.

I wasn’t trying to hard sell anyone, and I apologize if it came across that way.


PS. I’d like to host some YoYo get-togethers there in the future! I’ll post in “Yo-Yo Contests, Clubs, and Events”, when I’m ready for that.

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That’ll be great! But I am not there…