Regional Specifics

I’m new, and I barely know what to do with a yo-yo. One thing that would help me is if there was a specific forum on the boards for folks by region, so that if I wanted to reach out and make some yo-yo friends, I could.

I realize a lot of the groups use Facebook and Twitter to do that, but those are hit and miss, and I’d actually expect to find something for yo-yo enthusiasts in my area on this forum, rather than Twitter.

Also, some of us are cops, teachers, attorneys, or we work in high profile jobs that make having and using twitter for yo-yo meet ups sort of… Not intelligent. Also, some of us are just tin hat wearin’ bunker dwellers that don’t like Twitter and Facebook. If there were a section of the boards here dedicated by region, that would be helpful.

In this instance what I’m looking for is a store in or near Denver that carries yo-yos and yo-yo supplies that all the people who know what they’re doing thinks is good. I finally figured out that the Wizard’s Chest is a good store, but I’m sure there are others nearby as well. I just don’t know what they are. It’d be helpful to have a listing for some of the better stores, or even just a general forum for Colorado for me to post in so I could ask the other yo-yo players near me where they go for new yo-yos and supplies.

Maybe that would be too much work to add for everyone, and maybe some boards wouldn’t get much use then, but in this case it sure would help me find stores near me when I suddenly run out of something or want to go get something specific and don’t know where to find it.

Plus it would help me meet up with other players to go sit and have coffee and trade tricks with.

Just a thought.

Getting together: Yo-Yo Contests, Clubs, and Events

Stores in an area: Where to buy yoyos locally USA retail outlets (real store) only

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You are amazing. Thank you!

Yeah, it appears that the Wizard’s Chest is it for Denver. The It’s Your Move stores have all closed at all the malls.

That’s why they pay me so well!!

I did find one It’s your Move store left in town - there are probably more, but this is the one I could find.

It’s in the mall next door to the Wizard’s Chest…