RedRum by JM



that looks awesome. i am going to use it as my new background ;D

Do you use special brushes for that or do you just draw it. It looks a lot like some photoshop brushes is involved in this. Awesome as usual though.

Yes, I use brushes made by people more talented than I! The major details are a combination of brushes that I thought blended well together. The rest are just little details that I add to make it all flow.

//For photoshop users who are curious, the details within the brush strokes are a combination of gradient and satin overlays//

What website do you make these pics on? That pic is so cool!

He’s using professional software. It’s either Adobe Photoshop or a mix between Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator I guess.

Ok - that’s crazy good. :o

You can do this kind of thing for free, too. I use gimp, and it seems to work well for it. Btw, how long did this project take you? It turned out really good.

Dude, that’s awesome :o
Very cool.

Yeah, I use Photoshop and Illustrator. Illustrator is a program that uses vector (math) based art, and what I use for the basis of most of my work. It gives a great starting canvas to create stuff like what I did above.

Photoshop is my main tool, using brushes made by people with unbelieveable talent and combining them into images that fit my mood or goal. I finish it off with some blending options and adding details with simple brushes and filter effects that bring it to life.

This particular piece took me around an hour.

While the GIMP is a pretty strong program, replicating the results I have here would be very very difficult, but not impossible.

My new background! :smiley:

Could you make the DM and soroundings blue? I have a pretty Dark blue DM and I wanna put it as my desktop!! :stuck_out_tongue: there srry i didnt take any time but i think it still looks cool

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all you did was change hue right?

looks like it.
i like the red better

ya lol

SICK!!! now that talent! lol my new desktop background!

Redrum was my art project title. lol :wink:

Interesting fact
Spell redrum backwards to get murder…

wow impresive, photoshop skills. Where did you get the brushes?

-like the red one (looks wicked) :o