Hitman art

So, I love working with gimp. Photoshop is cool, i guess, but I like gimp a lot more. For this one, I played with the dodge tool, and had fun with the contrast.



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Looks awsome.

Love it.

Did you make the background or the black stripes or anything? Or just manip a Hitman picture? Either way, it looks great.

the background lines and the gears were brushes. Hitman was a stock, manip’d. Rest (gradients, rays, etc.) was done by me.

Even better! The background is excellent; how did you get the… illuminating effect on the gears and lines? Did you lay a semi-transparent white>transparent gradient layer over it?

I’m in love with the gausian blur function. White under, fuzzed overlay. Also played with the gradient/dodge combo for illumination. Finally, for the gears, I played with the sparkle effect.

Um, I think the term is

Dang. That Hitman is shining like a new Escallade! ;D