Redondo Beach

who goes to class there

I go twice a year usually.

Not much anymore, I usually just go to the DXL meetings. Which are about once a month.

Where and how often does DXL meet? Is there a place where the meetup schedule is posted?

I am notified from my friend when the DXL meets are. Next meet, I will announce the spot and the date/time and whatnot. I just didn’t think anybody cared to go. But cool, would love to see ya there! It is in Ceritos on South St. and Gridly at the Starbucks and they are allways at 1:00pm. Keep lookin at the Comp/meeting section of the forums and I will post once I am informed on the date of the meet. And I might get ya guys a mapquest map so the directions will be easier than me just explaining it.

DXL meets are sick! People who I can remember off the top of my head that show up: James Reed (Me), sometimes Ernie (Generalyo Owner), Sam Lopez (Team Generalyo), Luke Klosterman (Team Generalyo), Alex (RecRev Owner, Anthony (Team RecRev), Crew Harper (My bud), Derek Feulerhelm (My bud), Eric Nu (AKA Dackink, Team Crucial), Glasseye (Cool dude, Helps Crucial, and I think is sponcered by Duncan), Ivan (Think he is sponcered by RecRev) and others show up most of the time. Hope to add you and others to the list sometime! :slight_smile:

-James Reed!

Thanks! I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

I was there last week getting a lesson from Yoshi.
Once every few months.