DXL yoyo meet thread! UPDATE!!


Hey everyone! I have seen a lot of posts asking about the long beach DXL meets. This thread will be updated with the time and place of the meets. Hold with me please because they are in the process of moving the location.

:Update! Meeting on July 6 @2pm at Tea Station 11688 south St, Ste 101, Artesia 90701.

(SR) #2

I’ve been itching for another meet for awhile now. I really wanna go to another one, but I don’t know if I can make it down next weekend if we were to have one.


bump with meet date!


Is this going to happen regularly? Every weekend? Every other?

Just wondering because I want to attend some time this summer, but I won’t have the gas or time to do it this upcoming weekend. I live 90 miles away in Lancaster.

And on that note, would it be worth it for someone of my distance to try to attend?


The meetings happen more or less every other saturday, well last meeting was kinda a downer, on a good one we can get 20 people, including SR, The general and all of the Gen-Yo team!


will there be a meet this weekend? I may be able to make either this or the next one.


Yup! I will update the thread, it is meeting at a new location though.