i live close to were the DXL meets are, but know how to go about going to it. I know its every other week, but is it this week or next week. ??? I would really appreciate any feedback

Looks like modman10 has a thread on here about the meets maybe PM him for info . I’ll google and see if I can get you a better answer though.

If you’re on twitter follow @glasseye13 on twitter and you should be able to find out that way. Their webpage hasn’t been updated in awhile it seems.

Good luck and I hope someone else has more info for you!

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he hasnt tweeted since april but thanks

Here is the Facebook group, if you’re interested in coming, request to be added to the group. All updates you’ll need are posted there.


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Sorry I’m not on twitter. Modman10 posted about dxl in July I think so maybe he’ll know more?

DXL meeting today. 3pm at Tea Station 11688 South St. Ste 101, Artesia 90701.

A lot of guys will get there early around 2:30, including myself. Bring money cause I’m selling yoyos for Nationals lol.

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thanks i missed it today but ill probly go to the next 1