Redondo Beach Pier. Nov 09


Sweetest deals. i wish I could go to stuff like that. =P

A :o wesome

Awesome video! Poor Yoshi lol. :-X

Im the kid in the green sweatshirt

Awesome. Just wondering, what’s the blue van at the end in almost every one of your vids.

That’s his signature van!

dude really?
you should have told me that you will be at redondo at november 9
I would have come

He made a thread.

I haed lots of fun that day. Got to try a bunch of stuff, and traded my Project for a Beat Dv888 and b-Grade Hectic.

Awesome Vid do u by any chance know when the redondo beach yoyo contest of coming?

how are you liking those im loving the project

Glad you like the Project.

I didn’t think the Hectic was all that, but I freakin’ loved the Dv888.

woot go bleach

i was the guy in the black jacket

which one??? there was like 3-4 people who had a black sweatshirt

black 888, dog tag, only person i know of that dave binds.