This NEEDS to be seen: By the Sea

Hey guys, here is a video that I thought was so incredibly good that I needed to share it with all of you:

Nathan Roe. He’s a local guy in SoCal, and he is simply amazing. Just pay attention to those tricks. They are SO good!!!

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now i realy want a general yo yoyo.think you could hook me up samad.jk.hes realy good.i like his smooth fluent style.


Those tricks were awesome. :smiley:

Hey Look Huntington Beach.
Sick tricksss mann.

all I can say is… THAT WAS AWSOME!!!

yeah it was great but is it possible to buy a hatrick anymore unless from trade or sellng (sry that was kinda unrelated)

i believe they just got stocked on the general yo website. I’m not sure if there still there though.

They were not, nor will they ever be. We do not sell our yoyos directly from our site, in order to be polite to the stores we sell to.

Awesome video, but why isn’t he throwing breakaways?

so smooth. Only if he threw breakaways.