Red string?

Is there any particular reason why there is no red string available on many of the top yoyo websites? Is there a website where i can buy it in bulk?

There is pink bulk string here at Yoyoexpert shop (sorry, red bulk string will be coming soon to yoyoexpert shop  :P):

Just scroll down and there it is.

Happy Throwing! =]

Yea I saw the pink string, I’m ordering like 5 of it to see if it looks like red at all. Do you know how soon the red string is coming out? or is it like a thing where it’s coming out eventually?

I never noticed that. :o

Anyway, I’ll try to see if I can find anything.

Depends what kind of string you want. You can get red mondos in  10, 25 or 100 packs at
iv had a look at international shipping and its £6.60 so thats about $10.83, so for 100 red mondos plus shipping youre looking at about $27.22 i think! depends on the pound to dollar exchange rate at the time lol!

Hey I Know A Place

It Is In UK

Is That Okay??

Sorry Only Pink And Orange But Purple Looks Redish

yoyoguy has 100 packs of red cotton string