Red Poly Thread Recommendations?

Not sure if this goes in Mods and Maintenance, or Recommendations. I love making my own string, but I have not found a solid red poly thread to blend in with my wooly/bulky nylon.

If I can get it from Joann or Amazon, it’s a major plus, lol.

Arent there any local habersashery shop where you live?I bought my threads there. You can try to find them in random shops too haha

Maxi-lock has a really nice red.


You might want to go to JoAnn’s and see what they have. They don’t have Maxi-lock in stores, at least not the ones near me, but the cone serger thread they have is nearly as good. I can’t recall the name, but it’s on a cone just like any other serger thread and it’s like $4 a spool iirc.

I thought about ordering Maxi-lock from JoAnn’s website, but my wife has ordered from them before and she said she had a ton of problems with them so I won’t order online from them. I found Maxi-lock on which appears to be a very good site, haven’t ordered any yet though.


Pardon my acronym, but… Wtf is habersashery?

Misspelling of haberdashery :rofl: It’s a thread/notions shop.

Oof. Misspelled it. Haberdashery haha. You can buy threads and textile there.

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Oof. Idk how do you call those in the US. Search in google “threads shop” or something similar. In Spain those types of shops are more popular haha

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Oh jesus I thought it was the name of the chain lolololololololol. Yeah that’s what our JoAnn is, and unfortunately capitalism has driven most of our local haberdasheries out of business.

@maawolfe36 the Maxi-Lock all purpose is what you’re referring to?


Yep! It’s a good soft poly.


Thanks! I’ll give it a shot.


Oh and to clarify: when I said “they don’t have Maxi-lock in stores” What I meant was JoAnn’s doesn’t have it in stores. You can get it at some quilt shops, sewing machine shops, whatever. Google search “sewing shop” and call around, places should be able to tell you if they have it before you go in. I found a local store that sells a few colors, and they’ve gotten a few different colors for me. It’s fun talking to quilt ladies about yoyos.


For sure. I have been into our local quilt shops but they seem a little affronted by the presence of a large 29yo who is only interested in buying thread for yoyo strings. I’ll give them another shot though.


At the local shop I’ve been going to, they all seem really nice and actually interested. One lady even told me I should bring a yoyo with me next time and show them some tricks :rofl: And a different lady has been there a few times when I went in, and she recognizes me and even on just my second visit she asked “making more yoyo strings?” Lol

Of course, ymmv and some people are probably less welcoming than others, but I’ve found a really good shop and I’ll be happy to support them rather than buy online. I know you can usually find stuff like that online cheaper than in stores, but I like to support local businesses when I can, and the price isn’t bad.

They told me they can special order threads for me if I need specific colors too, so that’s nice. I like to see the colors in person before deciding. And if I decide I don’t like the color, they can sell it to a quilter instead so no harm done.


I’m glad you found a shop to get your threads!