Hi, my brother is eleven, and he has started getting into yoyo’s. He is very interested in the counterwieght yoyo’s. Should he start off learning basic stuff without the counterwieght, or should he just start ff doing counterwieghts? Also, what would be a good yoyo for him? Wether it’s a cunterwieght or not. Thanks for your help, I don’t really know anything about counterwieght yoyos.

The Duncan Freehand series is a great beginner model for counterweight play and it is a good price. I would also say the Lyn Fury or maybe the Kickside. If you want to get into metals down the road I would suggest a DV888 and probably start with a used one as there may be a lot of scuffing as you learn. :slight_smile:

^ This. Also if you want to get him started on counterweight play I would suggest a yoyojam pinnacle, for $20 it comes with a good yoyo and a counterweight. I am currently getting into 5A play an I have to say I feel like learning many of the 1A tricks has helped me a lot.

It’s better for him to learn regular 1A/string tricks before he does 5A/counterweight tricks.

It’s not readily clear what you mean by he’s into yoyos. Is he playing them at all?

If he’s just starting, have him learn 1A stuff. It’s the foundation for 5A player later on. With the extra stuff you have to learn to go WITH 5A, it’s too much to start off with. 5A builds off 1A.

Stuff like the Pinnacle is really designed around 5A play. It’s best to get something else to learn 1A, then add a counterweight or get a 5A-oriented yoyo for later on for getting into 5A.