Rebel Yo-Yos and Megadoomer Present - THIS IS WHAT WE DO!!!!!!

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Very very nice, you guys are ridiculous. Love the location

that’s … sick. :o

Thanks, we get to live there :slight_smile:

Fun! :slight_smile:

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oi! loved the video.

so i spin poi, contact juggle, glove, dance, glowstring, glowstick, and yo. ive been doing all of these for about 7 years (omitting yoing and contacting, only been doing those for 2). skill toys are my life, in fact i want really badly to open a skill toy store disguised as a toy store here in atlanta (similar to a2z). ive been thinking of forming a skill toy ‘crew’ that would produce videos like such. i know this is a whole 'nother conversation but its an idea. :slight_smile: