My Skill Toys Crew

Here is the Skill Toys Crew/Club (however you see it) for Oakdale High School! The video is long but we worked really hard to make it and we had fun! How is it yo-yo related? We have yo-yoing in it!

Yo-yoers: Me!

Footbag: My friend Chris (guy with the glasses)

Dice Stacker: Henry (white jacket)

Cup Stacker: Josh (big guy with glasses)

Yo-yo apprentices: Jason (Other Asian guy), Mikey (little guy with yellow shirt)

Dice Stacking apprentices: Me, Jason, and another Chris (not the glasses one)

Footbag Apprentice: All of us!

Opinions greatly appreciated. This is also a great alternative to a yo-yo club.

bump… sadly

Sickness! I’ll have to discuss starting one of these with my friend David.

Looks like lots of fun.